Something I’m hoping to do with my tour is to “frame” DUMBO from one conceptual angle and then another, through different bits of history and observation, in order to accumulate a rich (and sometimes conflicting) variety of associations with this one place.

Physically, DUMBO frames and re-frames itself constantly, and incorporates views of things that would seem contradictory. Without having to walk far at all, either bridge can look small and distant or towering and monumental. Part of DUMBO’s allure  (I think) is its sweeping view of Manhattan at a distance; but funnily enough, it also has enough space and sky to offer a lot of great views and angles on itself. Because of the waterfront location, gradually rising slope, mix of old and new architecture, and, of course, the presence of the bridges, virtually every time you turn your head you’re met with a striking (and often interestingly framed) picture.

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