I was recently reading about Bill Bollinger’s work* when I came across a description of his 8-mm film from 1970 titled “Movie”. For 9 minutes Bollinger interacts with a 13 foot long wooden beam. Time and again he lifts it from one end, pushes it until it is vertical and tries to balance it on its other end. He lets go, the beam falls to the ground and Bollinger repeats his action, this time approaching the beam from the opposite end. In this minimalist film, the oscillation of Bollinger’s “pendulum” parallels the movement of the flag-pole in my piece “Mayday” – rising with the power of an individual pushing it up, and falling back as the person lets go. Repeat.

*Bollinger Art On The Fly, by Anne Rochette and Wade Saunders, Art In America, June 2011.