The Brooklyn Bridge’s iconic arches are a defining visual feature of DUMBO. For this year’s DUMBO Arts Festival, I propose to “fill” these negative spaces with brightly painted two-dimensional pieces of plywood, which will hang in various locations in DUMBO. These shapes, of various sizes, will hang in pairs from tree limbs, street signs, scaffolding, and other locations so that viewers may visually align them with the voids of the Brooklyn Bridge’s archways.

The shapes will maintain a similar design so that their repeated viewing by festival-goers will eventually create an association with the bridge’s arches and the project as a whole.  This installation will create an active viewing experience whereby participants will have to move around each sculpture in order to align the shapes with the voids.  This alignment will depend on the height of the viewer and his or her relationship to the shape and the bridge.  It will also encourage viewer participation through the searching and locating of the various installations, as if on an egg hunt.

In order to keep the shapes from blowing in the wind, they will be tied to nearby anchors, such as fences or trees, or in some cases, the shapes will be weighed down with string attached to large rocks or sandbags placed on the ground.

Each pair of shapes will be made of plywood coated with acrylic or latex paint.  The shapes will be anchored to nearby objects with wire or twine.  There is a chance that some shapes will be painted onto local storefronts’ windows, so that the viewers may experience the bridge from indoors.  This will be contingent on storeowners’ agreement.

The sites for this project will be scattered throughout DUMBO.  Some sites will be in parks, hanging from tree limbs, other sites may be fences on the side of the street.  All sights must be in view of one of the pairs of the Brooklyn Bridge’s archways.