“Mayday” is a site specific flag-cart, mounted on the abandoned train tracks in Dumbo, where viewers have the power to raise up a flag.

A flag pole waving a generic flag will be mounted on a pair of wheels, rolling on the abandoned train tracks in Dumbo.

The flag pole will be made of a 10 foot long cedar tree trunk, stripped of branches and bark. Without a flag bearer the flag pole will be weighed down, laying on the ground, and the structure would resemble a canon. People passing by will have a chance to temporarily raise the flag. The action of erecting the flag pole, repeatedly performed by the audience, will call to mind the iconic World War II image from Iwo Jima. The two wheeled vehicle will be propelled back and forth on the once active tracks. Its range of motion will be limited, coming to a standstill every time the flag  pole hits the ground.